As in every other year, we have calculated the overall carbon footprint of INTECSA-INARSA and the particular footprint for each office in Spain. So it is that we can see a clear reduction in TC02 emissions since the year this calculation began, in 2012.

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In the graphic displayed here, data for the last three years are included both for total TCO2 emissions and for TCO2 emissions per person. It can be observed that the year 2016 saw a reduction of 23.57% in respect of the year 2015. TC02 emissions per person fell from 6.34 in 2015 to 5.70 in 2016.
There is no doubt that this surprising reduction was due to a series of actions that were planned and that continue to be implemented, which include the following.

  • Reduction of meetings requiring travel (both abroad and in Spain outside the office), encouraging the use of videoconferences. More rooms have been adapted for videoconferences and the software and hardware for workstations have been improved.
  • Launch of an application to control meetings and see those monthly meetings hosted by videoconference and those requiring travel. This allows us to see the percentage hosted annually and allows us to implement new actions to continue reducing the number of face-to-face meetings.
  • Raising staff awareness of the importance of reducing emissions to the atmosphere. A best practice manual for driving is currently being prepared in order to achieve greater efficiency.
  • Requesting the characteristics of the vehicles provided by car leasing companies to establish the CO2 emissions and the litres of fuel consumed per 100km and subsequently updating the fleet to more efficient vehicles.


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