Publication: Revista Obras Públicas (2013)

Authors: Ángel Del Amo, Carlos Herranz, Alberto González and Ángel Silvestre

Summary: The Spanish engineering firm INTECSA-INARSA is part of the design team of the SR99 tunnel in the United States, the largest diameter tunnel ever executed to date (17.56 m). The numerical analysis proposal is to define the dimensions and characteristics for treatment of the terrain to accommodate hyperbaric intervention.

Publication:  World Tunnelling (2013)
Authors: Carlos Herranz, Ángel Silvestre, Alberto González and Ángel Del Amo

Summary: Upon completion in 2016, the SR99 Tunnel will be the largest-diameter tunnel in the world at 17.5m. It will be routed 2.15 miles (3.46 km) beneath downtown Seattle in Washington State, US, and tunnelling is to be carried out using an earth pressure balance (EPB) tunnel boring machine (TBM).

Publication: Water Technology (2012)


Summary: This article presents, with pilot scale testing, the viability of establishing, in detail, the different or possible problems existing at a WWTP, proposing respirometry as a technique to ensure and semi-quantify the cause of interference with the nitrification process and, also, as a tool to establish in advance the effects a possible industrial waste water connection may cause in the biological process of an existing WWTP.

Publication: Tecnología del Agua (2011)
Authors: Celia del Cacho, Water and Environment Division, INTECSA-INARSA

Summary: Through a fieldwork project with its own pilot plant, it is proposed that cyclone and vibration sifting techniques used in the aggregate industry for separation and classification, be used for the cleaning and sifting of sludge from an anaerobic digester at a WWTP, eliminating the inert accumulation phase and, thus, recovering the useable capacity of the digester after years of continued use.

Publication: Ingeo/Tunnels Vol. 21. Chapter 9
Authors: Alejandro Romero & Carlos Herranz

Summary: This text describes, in detail, the most significant settlement mitigation measures in the design of the State Route 99 Tunnel, which runs entirely beneath the financial district of downtown Seattle, United States. When construction is completed in the year 2015, this tunnel, at 17.5 m in diameter and 3.46 km in length will become the widest diameter tunnel to date. 

Publication: UCAM (Universidad Católica de Murcia)
Author: Jesús Saorín Guillamón

Summary: Lecture as part of the subject TREATMENT AND PURIFICATION SYSTEM on the Master’s in Civil Engineering at UCAM (Universidad Católica de Murcia)

Publication: Tunnels & Tunnelling
Authors: Ángel Del Amo, Ángel Silvestre, Vanesa Prieto and Pedro Velasco

Summary: In this article, Ángel Del Amo and Ángel Silvestre of Intecsa-Inarsa, along with Vanesa Prieto and Pedro Velasco of Itasca Consultores, explore predicted settlement in the expansion of the Los Angeles Metro using tri-dimensional numerical models.

Publication: Tecnología del Agua (2012)

Author: Rafael Fernández Gutiérrez-Álamo (Dpt. Of Water at INTECSA-INARSA)

Summary: The basin of the River Guadalhorce supports intense exploitation of its water resources for the urban water supply to a population of some 900,000 inhabitants including the city of Málaga and to cover the needs of over 40,000 hectares of agricultural irrigation as well as servicing the industrial demands and golf courses located in close proximity to the coastal strip.


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